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Theme park planning program
Solution Introduction:

As one of the few to provide enterprises , museums , science museums and other projects show planning , environmental design , content creation, development of integrated hardware, integration services, professional enterprise , the company gathered a group of excellent quality , innovation, and cooperation with a strong sense of team spirit professional designers. Exhibition business with " sharp creative , cutting-edge technology , professional construction services " for the purpose , has been awarded many domestic and foreign museums, science museums , showrooms and exhibitions in the planning design and development of multimedia exhibition items produced by skilled construction technology , unique design, high-quality professional services , and has received wide acclaim .
Theme Park is the use of natural resources and human resources of one or more specific topic , using modern science and technology and multi-level space activities is set up, set a lot of entertainment , leisure and hospitality facilities and services element of the modern tourist destination in one . According to the type of travel experience , a theme park can be divided into five categories , namely : Scenario , recreation, sightseeing, theme and style experience . The core theme park success factor is the theme park idea , because the park all the architectural color , shape, vegetation, and so the theme of service rides , visitors to easily identify common characteristics of form and garden for clues .

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