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See 3D /4D films at white wall,analyse spectral separation of stereo image
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Vivid stereoscopic film has the prior to pass audiences film can give audiences a strong sense of reality and real time. However, traditionally, it is not easy to enjoy stereoscopic films, because only a few cinemas and exhibitions are allowed to play stereo films at home. This is mainly because, in addition to the special source, a special playback device with polarization characteristics is also needed, which includes a metal screen, and a signal synchronous transmitter, 3D signal converter,and polarized glasses. Then how to achieve the effect of ordinary stereo images? Let’s begin to learn it.

Decryption: the principle of 3D imaging

How does stereo image come into being? It mainly converts input stereo 3D signal into two passive 3D output signals through the 3D converter and then to separate the left and right eye signals output to the two projectors , through polarized 3D viewing eyepiece , resulting in three-dimensional image ,thereby a stereo image is obtained. Because the signal is converted by a 3D converter active, so this technique is also known as active stereo imaging technology ( distinguished from behind we will mention the passive stereo imaging ). In other words, if there is no stereo glasses, the image we get, also called the common ghosting, is respectively displayed by our naked eyes, left and right eye. We can’t see three-dimensional movies without 3D glasses.

Because when you view stereoscopic images, left and right eye signals are separated. In order to avoid the left and right eye’s signals are not synchronized ( the image dislocation likely to cause ) , you need to synchronize with the transmitter signal to the signal left and right eye simultaneously , so as to guarantee the eye can see images are about to overlap,  only three-dimension can do this.

Why the need for professional projection screen can show clear stereoscopic image? Because in the movie theater, the image, projected by the projector to the screen, is generated by a large number of reflected light composition. However, some of which reflected light is effective; that is, let us see the image, but some light is harmful (the equivalent in strong sunlight when the leaves have white reflection of light, will interfere with our eyes, so that we see clear leaves , and the effect of vertigo ), and polarization properties of the metal screen that is by adding a special material to eliminate unwanted reflected light , the screen in order to ensure a valid reflection of light to the human eye will not be disturbed. That means with the polarization properties,, the projection screen can filter harmful reflected light .

From the above description we can see, stereo imaging relationship required by the device, on the environment and the equipment requirement is very much. So no cinemas so professional environment, general office, whether can also be seen on 3D images? Today we are going to introduce another 3D imaging technology.

As can be seen from the above description , the need of associated equipments and equipment requirements for the environment for three-dimensional imaging are quite a lot. So without professional environment of movie theaters , can you see 3D images in general office space? Today we are going to introduce another kind of 3D imaging technology .


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