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Screen service commitment
Industrial Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jiu Sen is always home for the center , the user is God's service concept , so that each user 100% satisfaction is the company's pursuit of the ultimate goal. Nine Sen (JS) high-definition projection screen performances and exhibitions is a flagship brand of the company , service centers adhering to the "radical user's urgent , difficult to understand the user of the " principle of service to provide our clients the best quality service . Its commitment to service mainly the following points:

First, the product quality assurance : While we do not guarantee that all products sold are not failures, but we guarantee that the product is for Industrial Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jiu original production of forest products , and provide one year quality assurance , six months free maintenance ( man-made and natural disasters and the curtains are not within the scope of the warranty ) the regular after-sale protection . If you doubt the quality of purchased product please visit website ;
Second, the projection screen during the warranty period , according to the circumstances require , may be responsible for supervision of installation , commissioning and training of relevant personnel , provide appropriate technical documentation (technical file can contain product manuals , installation instructions , and other forms of documentation ) to ensure that the correct final guide the construction , installation, operation, inspection, repair , maintenance, debugging ;
Third, in the installation, use, or quality of any technical problems in time to provide technical guidance ;
Fourth , six months after the warranty period , if needed repairs , and only pay accessories charges , do not charge labor costs ; one year warranty period, if you need repair parts must be charged fees and labor costs .
Fifth, returns:
a)     Forest Industry Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jiu products sold , with the Nine Sen trademark , all goods manufacturers can enjoy the service guarantee. We will strictly follow the state policy three packs for the sale of products to fulfill the warranty , replacement and return obligations.
b)     From 7 days from the date of purchase (in invoice receipt date) , appeared under the national three functional failure, specified by the manufacturer or authorized service center to confirm fault detection is true , you can choose to return ( Note : If you choose to re- exchange with the brand of the same type of products our company can take from the freight , we do not assume choose to return from the freight ) , replacement or repair ; the first 8 to 15 days , you can choose a replacement or repair ; more than 15 days and during the warranty period , you can only enjoy free warranty service . In order not to delay you , shorten time to repair the defective product , under normal circumstances we suggest that you contact our service center for processing.
c)     Because customers mistakenly purchased , the purchase , or other reasons are not satisfied with the product , good performance in the commodity itself , with new products , related accessories and complete , does not affect the sale of our second premise , the customer can apply for return , return returns to be deducted administrative fee for the return value of 5%. Freight customer. Foreign customer requirements from customers to receive products from the date of 2 calendar days to submit returns online application , and by our company through the audit, send the product within 24 hours . The final interpretation of the rules by the Forest Industry Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jiu all .

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