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Transparent holographic screen

Transparent Holographic  Screen is a transparent full color film screen, images created by who is regarded as "beautiful images that float in the air". It can be attached onto glasses or suspended in midair, also referred to as a revolution of advertisement and media.

Compared to the traditional Acrylics Acid Screen (broadcast through Fresnel lens and columnar lens) or Laser Cut Thin-film Screen, Transparent Holographic 3D Screen is lighter, clearer and easier to clean. The product processes several patent technology and has been honored as "Advanced Display of the Year" with full figure gelatin crystal as its core material.

Applicable Occasions:

car exhibition, wedding gown shooting, bank industry, stadiums, mass purchase, catering industry, shop chain, airports, cinemas, stations, subways, Ticket Office, advertisement industry, design companies, video industry, light and sound industry, business grounds with shop front, showcase or billboard, and outer glass wall of buildings.

Product Characteristics:

Light: 60in=270g


No difference for inside and outside, and suitable to use in any setting, erect or laied across

Any shape expected available

Projecting angle unlimited

Given monolithic screen size 40-120, combination unlimited and seamless available

Size to the order for special use

Easily installed without causing harm to the original decoration

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